About Me

I am quirky, indecisive, and hyper. I am messy on the inside but neat on the outside. I love the world’s little treasures but dislike clichés. I love weird people; normal bores me. I love sarcasm and wit. I love beauty; in men, women, and objects. I love traveling to new places, discovering new tastes, new odors, new faces, and falling in love with them. I love gourmet food, French wine, and Belgian chocolate; they’re three things I’ll never quit. I can’t live without music or human emotions. I also can’t live without my family and friends.

I aim to be truly liberated and happy in a world where people genuinely care for each other. I’m constantly growing and changing, constantly learning. I’m both a chameleon and a peacock. I believe in the power of one’s thoughts, in positive and negative energy, and in the power of the universe. 

I love ridiculous circumstances that transform into a series of unfortunate events; they become the moments I remember and laugh about later on. I enjoy transforming them into stories. I get a high out of making people laugh; I love people that make me laugh.

In my blog, I give my perspective on the silly little things and stereotypes happening around us every day in the hopes that some readers might laugh – even though some might get angry – and that some might see things from a new angle. I am not trying to dictate people’s tastes . . . but if I do, it’s purely accidental.

To remain sane, I must go absolutely crazy every once in a while – to be reminded that I’m alive – living – not just existing.

And this is me, in case you ever want to stalk me -- JK

And this is me, in case you ever want to stalk me — JK

5 responses to “About Me

  1. Ghaith Battikhi

    Just checked this out, kinda cool. i didnt know this was yours 🙂

  2. Chris

    The world would definitely be better without buzzing noises over your head at night but mosquitoes are the backbone of our ecosystem. Being at the bottom of the food chain, those insects are direct targets for birds, spiders, bats and some aquatic species … i m sure there is a lot more.. but anyway by transition those living entities insure also the continuity of the food chain that supports us.

    Cockroaches, well i hate them..you hate them.. we all do ..but that doesn’t merely compete with the fact that trillions of dollars were spent in the last decade studying and researching cockroaches who seem to be the only living creatures on earth that withstood nuclear annihilation and toxic radiation (Chernobyl called city of cockroaches today)… How ironic would it be that probably a few years from now when nukes will go crazy everywhere, humanity will have to rely on cockroach anatomy and physiology to survive.

    @Rita: Very interesting “about me”, very challenging person, you induce lots of questioning and you seem an adept of l’amour propre by excellence. Keep your articles coming.

  3. Hey! Cool blog. Insightful comments… very honest and straightforward. I’m a blogger too – wanna share links? I’m single, fall in love all the time and am terrible at dating… but I see the funny side: https://thehoneyhunter.wordpress.com/

  4. Hi, I’m just planning to start stalking you…but please be patient, I’m quite new at this kind of things. I live about 4 000 miles away from you, so you will not notice immediately my stalking. By the time I get to you, you will be old and tired and probably feeding pigeons in public parks.

    I find you funny. In fact, you are so funny that I change my ribs at each paragraphs of your writing. Before I read your blog, I knew so little about Lebanon…I still know so little about Lebanon, all thanks to you. But I must admit that, I knew Lebanese food, Lebanese hashish and now: You. You come between drugs and food.

    Keep the writings coming…otherwise, we’ll stop reading you. 

  5. Your #1 Fan

    I wasn’t into blogging sites, I don’t actually recall or even remember how I got to yours but Im glad I did, it was inevitable to stop reading your posts till the very end.
    I was astounded and amazed by your opinion, your view on life, well literally on everything that you wrote.You unquestionably blew me away.
    I have an exam tomorrow and did not study a thing, I want to thank you so much for wasting my time Merci ktir ya3ne!

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